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Advanced SEO Strategies You Might Want To Know Of

As search algorithm becomes smarter, SEO strategy must also be changed. Traffic and leads can no longer be generated using the black hat SEO strategies. That said, search engine optimization strategies have gone through tremendous change in the last few years.

To keep up with changing trends, businesses must update their knowledge about SEO strategies. To help you in this journey, we present you some tips related to advanced SEO strategies which can make your business future ready. SEOgine Virginia Beach SEO.

Webpage speed and ranking

Your website’s loading speed should be your priority as it can improve the customer experience. Back in 2010, Google started considering page speed on desktop as a ranking factor. Now, in July 2018, Google started using mobile page speed as a ranking factor in mobile search results. There are few things which can be done to improve the page speed such as:

* Make sure your images are optimized for the web. The optimization can be done via Adobe Photoshop. To do so, simply click “Save for web” instead of “save”. By optimizing the format of the image, it is simply saving it in a sharper and smaller size without lowering the picture quality.

* 301 redirects the browser from one page to another which decreases the speed of the website. To improve speed, reduce 301 redirects.

Mobile optimization

In the past few years, mobile usage grew dramatically, as mobile phone and internet plans became cheaper. However many websites are still not designed to be viewed on mobile devices. To optimize your site for mobile devices, site structure and pagespeed are few areas of improvement. Here are some of the way to make your mobile site friendly for users and search engine:

* Responsive web design

* Don’t block javascript, images, and CSS

* Optimize title and meta description

* Optimize for local searches

* Mobile site configuration

* Separate mobile URL

Visuals matter

With decreasing attention span of people, it has become extremely difficult to engage users with textual content. Also, 65% of people are visual learner which makes it even more important to create more visual content.

Different examples of visual content are images, videos, and infographic.

Repurposing content improves ranking

With the increasing demand for content, one of the most common content marketing and writing hacks is content repurposing. The changes can be minor depending on where the content will be used. For instance, an infographic is the best way to repurpose blog posts and articles. Some of the ways to repurpose content and optimize it for search engines are:

* Recover data from major content campaigns.

* Focus on customer segmentation while repurposing content.

* Develop a strategy for old content.

* Collect insight and feedback from current content readers.

* Repurpose content to make it more snackable.

Strategize with link building

Getting external backlinks is difficult. Search engines use this indicator to determine the popularity of a website. Today, most search engines use different metrics to determine the value of external links. Some of these metrics include:

* The trustworthiness of the linking domain.

* The popularity of the linking page.

* The relevancy of the content between the source page and the target page.

* The anchor text used in the link.

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